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Tiger Musky!

Tiger muskies are stocked in Otisco and Conesus Lakes. I spent some time on Conesus a few years ago and found quite a few sublegal Tigers there, but pike still outnumber the Tigers by a lot. In Otisco, tigers reign supreme - you get a bite-off and you had a tiger - plain and simple. Tigers are the sterile hybrid of northern pike and (pure-strain) muskies. They're raised at the South Otselic Hatchery, not far from Cortland and are stocked in order to give anglers an opportunity to catch a large, hard fighting exciting fish. Tigers don't disappoint! And they are beautifully colored fish.

A 40" tiger can weigh 20lbs, and Otisco Lake produces fish like this every year.   We had terrific Tiger Musky fishing on this lake in 2014 and slightly slower, but still pretty good fishing in 2015.  One of my clients, Linn landed a 46" trophy on a large Rapala during November of 2014 here. Most of the Otisco fish run from around 25" to maybe 34". 

Don't expect to go to Otisco Lake and catch a bunch of tigers, though it is possible. If you land one fish, you're doing alright! The pre-spawn May/June bass fishing can be excellent, and we'll be sure to gear up with some TyGer wire leaders, so when a nice musky is hooked (not IF, but WHEN), we'll be able to land it!

I get a fair amount of inquiries from novice or more casual anglers wanting to get into Tiger Muskies. Keep in mind that it can take a lot of hours of casting to connect with one Tiger. It isn't a given that we will have any action.  The average time for landing a musky on this lake are roughly one fish every 8 to 10 hours (and that's during a GOOD year for ONE FISH - not even a legal one!)  There are times we go out and it seems easy and at other times you'd wonder if there are any fish in the lake!  But that's musky fishing. 
The fish on this "species page" is a 41" beauty landed by Dave on live bait.