Cayuga Lake
Seneca Lake
Owasco Lake
Skaneateles Lake
Keuka Lake
Cross Lake
Sodus Bay
Lake Ontario
Otisco Lake
Canandaigua Lake

A note regarding the lakes:

It can take an angler a lifetime to learn a lake, especially a lake as large as Seneca or Cayuga. I spend the majority of my time fishing these two bodies of water. Other bodies of water provide excellent seasonal fishing opportunities, i.e. “Hot Bites” - that remain consistent from year to year. As much as I try, the fishing in this area is too intense to ignore some of these other lakes. I have fished many of these places for years and I have numerous contacts that fish these lakes regularly and keep me posted on good fishing opportunities. As I learn new lakes and fishing opportunities I will add them to this list.

Lake Ontario Sodus Bay Cross Lake Skaneateles Lake Owasco Lake Cayuga Lake Seneca Lake Keuka Lake