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Sodus Bay

NOTE:  I live further away from Sodus Bay than I did when I started guiding and it was quite a drive back then!  Guided trips here will feature a surcharge of $75. I fished here once in 2018.  We had a tough day trying to find gar, though we found them before the day's end.  

I've fished Sodus Bay off and on for around 35 years.  Over the past couple seasons I find myself drawn more to the "roughfish" - i.e. the gar and drum over everything else!

The drum fishing can be very good in this bay in June.  I haven't pinpointed the exact time frame and water temps, but around 65 to 70 degrees seems to start the "drum runs."   I just can't get myself to bass fish when the drum are in.   They congregate around the islands and shorelines bordering the basin water.   They hit well and fight great.   I couldn't ask for more.  

The largemouth bass fishing in this bay has been excellent for years and continues to be terrific despite fairly heavy fishing pressure.   The bay has a good number of lunker fish as well - 4 to 5lb. bass.   Throughout the summer and fall topwater fishing is excellent and numerous other techniques work well including spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jig 'n pig and stickworms.

Pike fishing in this bay has historically been excellent, but it was slow throughout the 2000s.  Word is the pike are starting to rebound, but I'm still inclined to fish the Fingers rather than Sodus for pike.  Irondequoit Bay is also better IMO.   

Sodus Bay has a large localized population of gar. Gar provide excellent sport on the fly-rod.   We had a 45" beauty here in Sept. 2009 and had great gar fishing here in 2015.    The gar population has maintained over the past 10 years and they are a lot of fun!

Bowfin are also available in the coves of this bay.   Many anglers despise these fish, yet I've had bowfin fight SO hard they put many other gamefish to shame.   They jump high - shaking their head, dig incredibly hard, run right at you and thrash violently - both in the water and in the boat or on land!   Plus they have sharp teeth!   The average angler targeting other species rarely lands many bowfin. 

Fishing smallmouth bass in Lake Ontario off Sodus Bay was great fun in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since then it's been spotty, but some large bass are available.  In 2016 we tried some trout jigging out here with luck on lakers and a nice rainbow! Sodus Bay is a fun and productive place to fish with many great angling opportunities!