Good News for Seneca Lake

I talked to Region 8 DEC and the report is that the lamprey treatment completed this past week on Catherine Creek and Keuka Outlet went very well by all accounts. Good numbers of lamprey larvae were killed - much moreso than past efforts.  We will have to ride out the lamprey infestation that remains in the lake, but by next year we should see a noticeable difference.

DEC will return to Seneca Lake in the early fall/late summer and assess the delta areas off of Catherines Creek and Dresden in search of young lamprey.  If they find good numbers of them, DEC will treat the delta areas.  We can't ask for more than that!

Typically what happens on Cayuga Lake is that after a bad lamprey year or two, the salmonids rebound heavily.  The same thing should happen on Seneca. There's an abundance of bait on Seneca Lake for these fish to eat so I would expect excellent growth rates on all the predators.  Apart from trout and salmon on Seneca Lake, the lampreys have been hammering the northern pike and even bullheads.   

When both Seneca and Cayuga Lakes are fishing well, life for anglers is much better in the Finger Lakes. Each lake offers unique opportunities and areas to fish.  Nothing on Cayuga compares to the north end of Seneca Lake when the lakers are stacked up there. The wild large fish on Seneca are beautiful specimens and the scenery around Seneca Lake is wonderful.

I still haven't heard much regarding gobies on Seneca Lake. Clearly they must be in there in decent numbers given the relatively straight path for them via the canal system. These should also add an exciting dimension to the winter fishing over there if it winds up being anything like what we've seen on Cayuga Lake.

Regarding Keuka Lake, at least 20,000 ciscoes are due to be stocked there in the fall. It's an experiment worth trying.  If alewife numbers are super low, the ciscoes may do alright. At worse, they will feed some trout for a while. I hope DEC reintroduces lake whitefish to Keuka Lake.  They did ok there in the past and would add a new dimension to the fall fishery as well as the ice fishery if they somehow prosper. But one step at a time.