Come experience the best fishing the Finger Lakes have to offer!  

Laker action continues to be top-notch this week on Cayuga Lake. Bonus browns, salmon and rainbows are making for good mixed bags.   Now's the time to reserve your September, October and November dates.  Fall fishing usually excels on Owasco Lake and you can target pike and lake trout in the same day.  That's tough to beat!

I have a few recent thoughts on Lake Ontario's Salmon Fishing this year. Check on the "articles" page under "The Fishing" header and go from there.

August is booked completely.  Thanks!

Open Dates in September:  2nd, 5th - 8th, 13th(1/2 day AM only,) 20th(1/2 day AM only) 26th - 27th (both AM only,) 28th-29th.

Open Dates in October:  2 - 7th, 9th(pm Owasco only,) 11th - 13th, 16th - 21st, 23rd - 31st. All Mondays and Tuesdays (except 10/11) are 1/2 day AM only.

Cayuga Lake:  Fishing here has been excellent for lake trout. The bite has generally been good throughout the day. Bonus rainbows, browns and salmon are showing up with regularity. Weedmats remain common.  Congrats go out to Greg for his massive 30" 14lb. 14oz brown trout!  He earned it!

Owasco Lake:  Lake trout action should be good here with shots at bonus rainbows, browns and smallmouths. Smallmouth bass fishing should be good.

Seneca Lake:  Lake trout fishing remains poor to fair at best - at least in the northern portions of the lake from Sampson to Geneva. Browns, rainbow and salmon action has been fair to good. Weeds and waterfleas are a nuisance, moreso for trollers.  I will have to take back the goby sighting.  We still aren't 100% sure of gobies being in Seneca. DEC took a look at the photo and they feel that the fish was a sculpin.  Stay tuned - I think the gobies are over there.  We should know shortly. 

Skaneateles Lake:  Smallmouth bass fishing is very good.  Bonus perch are around as well as the usual rockbass.  Lake trout action should be fair to good.

Otisco Lake:  I will likely be back out here around mid-September. Bass fishing has reportedly been good with some Tiger Muskies in the mix.

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