Come experience the best fishing the Finger Lakes have to offer!

​I have a few open dates left in May - the 27th, 28th, 29th and 31st.  ​Many dates are still open in June.  July and August are filling up quickly.    

Cayuga Lake:  ​Surface temps in the lower to middle portions of the lake are in the low to mid-50s.  Salmon and trout are scattered.  Picking the right days to fish is now the key. Expect good to very good lake trout jigging.  Pickerel and bass fishing should be good up north.

Seneca Lake:  ​Salmon fishing here is poor to fair. Expect fair to good lake trout jigging out of Sampson State Park.  Pike fishing should be fair.  The Memorial Weekend Derby runs from Saturday through Monday AM.  Friends will be fishing the derby - I am still undecided on it.   Either way, I'll have a lot of reports after the event.

Owasco Lake:  ​Pike fishing is fair to good.  A lot of fairly large perch are still in shallow. Expect good pre-season bass fishing.  Lake trout action should be fair to good.
Skaneateles Lake:  Expect good to excellent fishing for smallmouth bass.  Fishing for yellow perch, rainbow trout, landlocked Atlantic salmon and lake trout should also be good. 

Keuka Lake:  No recent reports from over here.  I'd expect good perch and bass fishing and fair to good lake trout action.

Need laker jigheads? Bill has a couple styles of DEEP jigging heads as well as his usual assortment of great hair jigs and various heads and other lures!

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