Come experience the best fishing the Finger Lakes have to offer!  

Late fall fishing is in full swing.   Water temperatures are in the 40s throughout the region.  We even had 38 degrees in places on the north end of Cayuga Lake and skim ice on the inlet Saturday AM!  Book with confidence - if the weather isn't good for what we want to do, we reschedule or you receive your deposit back, so it never hurts to reserve a date.

If you're looking to trade your current boat in, give Skyler a call at Silver Lake Marine.  He really could use some trade ins.   You can't go wrong buying a boat over there!

Seneca Lake:   Pike fishing is good with some large fish around.  Landlocked salmon fishing is fair to good and should only get better. 

Cayuga Lake: Pike action is fair to good.  Some large fish are around.  Landlocked salmon action is underway and looks promising.   Smallmouths and largemouth bass are active.  Pickerel action was excellent up north with many of them pike-sized!   The lake level is dropping.

Keuka Lake: Fishing here remains good to excellent for lake trout.  Pickerel and occasional pike are available.  The lake is currently being drawn down.

Skaneateles Lake:  Now's the time for good to excellent mixed bag fishing on this lake.  Trout, salmon, bass and perch are all on the feed.  The fishing here is rarely ever "easy," but with perseverence the rewards can be very fulfilling.  Water temp is likely around 46/47.  The State Launch is closed for the season.

Need laker jigheads? Bill has a couple styles of DEEP jigging heads as well as his usual assortment of great hair jigs and various heads and other lures!

Gift Certificates are available at any time for any occasion! Contact info is below.