Come experience the best fishing the Finger Lakes have to offer!  

September availability is as follows:   I have the 19th, 20th, 21st - 22nd (1/2 day AM only,) 26th - 27th (full or 1/2,)  28th - 29th (1/2 day AM only,) and the 30th. October and onwards is wide-open though Columbus Day Weekend is booked (with the exception of Friday the 9th which is available.)

If you have a date in mind, your best bet is to book it as soon as possible.  I don't have a problem if the date needs to be changed or cancelled, as long as I get a week's notice or more.  But I feel bad when someone inquires about a date, then doesn't get back to me for a few days and it's gone by then.   Every year is different and this year things are booking quickly.

Cayuga Lake:  Lake trout fishing with bonus browns, rainbows and salmon is good to very good with fish fairly well-distributed throughout the mid to lower portions of the lake.  Larger fish are showing up. Largemouth bass fishing is generally good lakewide. 

Seneca Lake:  Lake trout fishing is good with some bonus browns, salmon and rainbows around.   If pike fishing is what you like, now's the time to reserve dates from late September onwards.

Skaneateles Lake:  Smallmouth bass fishing is good to excellent.   Lake trout, perch and rockbass are also hitting.   

Owasco Lake:  Lake trout are setting up nicely on the lake's north end.  Wild fish are the story here (sound familiar?)   Expect bonus rainbow trout and browns.   Smallmouth bass fishing is good.  Some nice perch are hitting.

Otisco Lake:  Tiger Musky and bass fishing is good. 

Keuka Lake:  Lake trout fishing here should be improving.   Bass fishing has been good to very good. Peak fishing for lakers here is October - November.

Need laker jigheads? Bill has a couple styles of DEEP jigging heads as well as his usual assortment of great hair jigs and various heads and other lures!

Gift Certificates are available at any time for any occasion! Contact information is below: